Twite Instruments have been in business for 20 years supplying control equipment to the industrial refrigeration industry world wide.

Twite Instruments is a wholly owned Australian company situated in the Goulburn Valley fruit growing area of Victoria Australia.

Following are some of the products produced:

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Temperature Monitoring:

Temperature monitoring with high and low alarms of up to 200 temperature sensors over long distances using only 12 pair cable to allow for low cost installation.

Pressure Monitoring:

Pressure monitoring with high and low alarms of up to 15 inputs and one level for level control of refrigerant level control in the receiver.

Temperature Control:

Temperature controllers for one to 100 channels/rooms/cabinets. including suction solenoid, liquid solenoid, fans solenoid and defrost solenoid.

Compressor, Condenser and Liquid Pump Control:

Full control of compressors (reciprocating and screw) and condenser control and liquid pump control.

Data Logging:

Data logging of all temperature, pressure and control status for later retrieval and display.

Load Shedding:

Load shedding of up to 100 channels for efficient use of power.

SCADA Software:

Computer software to connect locally/remotely for all functions including set points of channels and data log retrieval and display or print.

Variable Speed Control:

Compressors and/or condensers may be controlled with a variable speed drive.


Up to 5 systems controlled from one TempScan. Ideal for supermarket refrigeration systems.